Job interview tips

Cómo prepararte para una entrevista de trabajo en inglés y no morir en el intento.

1 – Tell me about yourself (Cuéntame sobre ti)

  • Start with your name
  • Give your place information
  • Education in short
  • Job experience if any
  • Family details in short


My name is Joan. I live in Barcelona. I have done B.E in electrical & MBA in HR. I have 2 years experience in HR and I live with my family in Barcelona.

2 – What are your strengths? (Cuáles son tus fortalezas?)

  • Adaptation
  • Hard Working
  • Honest
  • Flexibility
  • Fast Decision Making
  • Self Motivated


I am honest, self motivated and hardworking person with positive attitude towards my career and life.

3 – What are your weaknesses? ( Cuáles son tus debilidades?)

  • Straightforward
  • Impatient
  • I can’t say no when someone asks for help
  • Trust people very quickly
  • Sensitive
  • Get nervous when talk to strangers


I can’t say NO when someone asks for help and I’m a bit lazy in which I’m not interested

4 – What are your Career Goals? (Cuáles son tus objetivos profesionales?)

  • Short Term Goal
  • Long Term Goal


My short term goal is to get a job in required companywhere I can utilize my skills and improvemy career path.

My long term goal is to be in respectable position in that organization.

5 – Why do you want to do work with our company? (Por qué quieres trabajar con nuestra empresa?)

  • Tell them what you like about the company.
  • Related it to your long term career goals.


Sir, it’s a greatprivilage for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours. When I read about your company I found that my skills are matching your requirement where I can showcase my technical skills to contribute to the company growth.

6 – Why should I hire you? (Por qué debería contratarte?)

  • Share your knowledge
  • Work experience
  • Skills related to job
  • Career goals


Sir, as I’m a fresher, I have theoretical knowledge, but I can do hardwork for my organization, and I will put all my efforts for the good progress of my organization and try tofulfil all the needs of the company from me.

Good luck!

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